More safety - With our new innovative material for buses, trains and rails

Safety is of paramount importance in public transport. In buses, trains and rail vehicles in particular, the highest standards must be met to ensure passenger protection. BURG Thermoforming has a new material that meets the highest fire protection class "Hazard Level 3" and complies with the strict requirements of the railroad standard EN45545-2 HL3.

Fire protection is a high priority in public transport. Both the protection of passengers and the protection of the material from fire and smoke are of paramount importance. The new material has proven to be reliable and resistant to fires and smoke development, ensuring the safety of your passengers and staff on public transport.

The new material meets the stringent requirements of rail standard EN45545-2 HL3. It ensures maximum fire protection and offers a long service life. It also blends aesthetically with the design of buses, trains and rail vehicles, creating a pleasant atmosphere for passengers.

With this material, you do not compromise on safety and fire protection.

Contact us for more information. The new material is an important step for more safety in public transport. Rely on the expertise of BURG Thermoforming.

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