Deep drawing/­thermoforming
to perfection

Our claim: we are the technology leaders in thermoforming. To provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective product for the respective application. With perfect surfaces for the highest optical quality standards - whether grained, high gloss or decorative.

The all-electric automatic roll-fed and sheet-fed machines in one of the most modern machine parks in the industry allow BURG to produce economically and to the highest quality standards. From DIN A4 sheet size up to 3000 x 4000 mm, every conceivable size combination can be realised. And up to a thermoforming height of 1200 mm. That is what sets BURG apart.

  • Advantages of thermoforming over glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP)
    • Weight reduction
    • Price advantage for component and mould
    • Grained surfaces, flame-retardant material
    • Material is uniform in colour
    • No surface painting required
    • Very high dimensional accuracy of the components
    • Manufacturing process reliability even after 30 years
    • Fully automated manufacture
    • KAPA always available as multi-cavity moulding possible
    • Use of recyclable material
  • Advantages of thermoforming over injection moulding
    • Fast production of samples on a 1:1 scale
    • In the automotive sector in particular (e.g. e-mobility vehicles), large dimensionally stable plastic components are required with low tooling costs. Deepdrawing/thermoforming is unbeatable here compared with injection moulding.
    • Shrinkage influences can be better assessed
    • No flow lines on the component
    • Low-warpage components
    • Very wide range of material types possible, e.g. reinforced or non-reinforced plastics
    • No need for expensive hot runner technology on the mould
    • Lower tooling costs
    • Tooling costs are ten times or even higher by comparison
    • Different colour shades with/without film coating (UV) of the plastic support plate ensure a wide variety of items right from the start
    • The max. forming area is 3500 x 2300 mm
  • Material

    • Standard plastics: ABS and PS-PE and PP in many colours
    • Engineering plastics: PC, PETA, PETG, PCABS blends
    • High-performance plastics: PPSU
    • In-house developments such as Kro_PET_frost
    • and many more.
  • Dimensions

    • Max. forming area 3500 x 2300 mm
    • Max. thermoforming height up to 1200 mm
    • Wall thickness from 1 to 14 mm
    • Roll material thickness from 0.3 to 3.0 mm
  • Quality

    • Highest process reliability for maximum possible parts commonality
    • Test documents for each component and works test certificate
    • Measurement system analysis (MSA)
    • 3D scanning/3D measuring of free-form surfaces up to 4000 mm
    • Best-fit process for optimum component alignment
    • Initial sample test report
  • Processes

    • Vacuum deep drawing/thermoforming of plastics
    • Hot forming
    • Die cutting
    • Annealing


Wide range of materials

Our sheet material is available in many different surface designs and individual colours. Standard plastics such as ABS, PS, PE and PP – with electrically conductive and flame retardant modifications, too. Engineering plastics such as PC, PETA, PETG, PCABS blends, PPSU and ESD material – specialised for flame-retardant application. Also in compliance with EN 45545 for rail transport.

  • PLA materials, bioplastics and 100% recyclable plastics complete our range
  • Standard plastics: ABS and PS-PE and PP in many colours
  • Engineering plastics: PC, PETA, PETG, PCABS blends
  • High-performance plastics: PPSU
  • Multilayer films with different decors; ABS/PMMA
  • ESD materials, e.g. for transporting electronic components
  • Flame-retardant grades for V0 applications and rail transport applications in compliance with EN 45545
  • UL plastics in accordance with GD
  • COEX plastics
  • In-house developments such as Kro_PET_frost
  • Green Line recyclable materials


State-of-the-art machine park

BURG has one of the most modern machine parks. The average age of the GEISS T10 all-electric thermoforming machines is 3 to 4 years.

  • 8 GEISS thermoforming machines for sheet material
  • 2 HAMER and ILLIG automatic thermoforming machines for rolled goods incl. die cutting
  • The sheet feed is fully automated
  • Min. forming area 250 x 300 mm
  • Max. forming area 3500 x 2300 mm
  • Max. thermoforming height up to 1200 mm
  • Wall thickness from 1 to 14 mm
  • Thermoforming roll material with a thickness of 0.3 to 3.0 mm


Mould and toolmaking

From your data, we manufacture the mould for vacuum thermoforming as well as the fixtures for further processing on our 5-axis CNC machining centres. We generate the necessary CAD data and 2D drawings at short notice. We use synthetic resin, wood or aluminium to manufacture the moulds and fixtures.


Roll and sheet automation

We manufacture high-quality components in our modern machine park with a high degree of economic efficiency. The automated manufacturing process is based on the latest technology, is fully electric and offers a high cycle rate with guaranteed high repeatability. This pays off.


Die Cutting

Our die-cutting technology allows us to process thermoformed components quickly, precisely and without burrs – from small-scale to mass production. The result: efficient, cost-optimised and sustainable implementation. With our automatic roll-fed machines, die cutting is in-line with subsequent automatic stacking. Complex geometries are die cut with an accuracy of 0.01 millimetres. Die cutting on 2 levels is also possible here, especially in the automotive sector for E-module battery covers.